Custom apparel as premium as your brand.

Quick Response

When it comes to clothing and fashion, consumer demands can change quickly from one day to the next. BWA recognizes that in order to meet these rapidly changing trends, our clients need to deliver new merchandise to market…and fast!

In 2004, BWA moved its manufacturing operations to El Salvador, not only to take advantage of duty-free import opportunities, but also because of the quick four day transit time from El Salvador to Miami. BWA is able to offer its clients one of the quickest response times in the garment industry today.

BWA’s customized QR solutions for our clients include:

Produce & Hold: Manufacture initial order quantity, hold balance in piece goods for customized re-orders in season

80/20: Ship initial 80% shipment, Hold 20% in El Salvador for in season flow

Greige Commitments: Hold greige goods at mill for faster re-order turn time

On Hand Contingency Fabric : Hold fabric at Picacho for expedited in season re-orders

60 Day Knit Product Turn Time: 60 day total turn time from order PO to X-factory shipment using local fabric resources