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A fully integrated apparel company for Private Brands.

BWA, Inc. is a fully integrated apparel company offering exclusive design, product development and manufacturing for Private Brands. We go to great lengths to seek out the world’s finest fabrics, and are known for our innovation in design and superior garment quality. BWA continually grows its manufacturing and sourcing resources to maintain the industry’s highest levels of quality, productivity, and competitiveness.

Exclusive Design

Every clothing brand has a unique point of view and target audience. By offering exclusive textile design and garment development services, BWA is able to help its clients satisfy the needs of their customers with the goal of increasing market share and profitability. From fashion to function and everything in between, BWA’s technical and CAD designers use state-of-the-art technology to translate each clients’ definition of style into the perfect color palettes and patterns. Our design and development team is constantly innovating in fabric and fashion so our clients can turn new concepts into business opportunities.


BWA is regularly cited by its clients as being one of their highest quality vendors. BWA is known for consistently shipping the highest Outgoing Quality Level (OQL) in all of Central America and maintains one of the highest OQL in the industry. We perform regular Kaizen events throughout the year as part of our LEAN manufacturing program to ensure that quality, productivity, and efficiencies are consistently improved upon. Our factory’s management also stays abreast of the latest innovations in garment development technologies and techniques. BWA takes great pride in the construction of each and every product we manufacture and continuously strives to raise the level of quality each and every day.


BWA has a diverse client base and each client has its own unique needs. By employing a modular production system, we are able to manufacture a wide variety of garments in small batches with short throughput times. BWA currently runs 16 individual production modules, all capable of producing different products simultaneously. Our modular production system also encourages higher quality and productivity while reducing cost.

BWA offers its clients flexibility in design, development, manufacturing and response time while focusing on the ultimate quality of every garment we produce.

"I love working with BWA. Their team is proactive and they provide us with great design and product development. The factory in Nicargaua offers us flexibility and duty free advantages that enhance our profitability. They have always been true partners"

Senior Merchandising Manager-US Department Store

Quick Response

When it comes to clothing and fashion, consumer demands can change quickly from one day to the next. BWA recognizes that in order to meet these rapidly changing trends, our clients need to deliver new merchandise to market…and fast!

In 2004, BWA moved its manufacturing operations to El Salvador, not only to take advantage of duty-free import opportunities, but also because of the quick four day transit time from El Salvador to Miami. BWA is able to offer its clients one of the quickest response times in the garment industry today.

Clients we’ve worked with


Founded by Ben Wachter in 1952, BWA, Inc. pioneered the market for premium cotton flannel, quickly becoming the first company to manufacture apparel exclusively for Private Brands. Our unique relationships with the flannel mills of Portugal dates back to 1955, when Mr. Wachter placed the first fabric order for the US market. Since then, BWA has maintained a constant presence in Portugal, working closely with leading flannel mills to continually develop new products and improved finishes.