A leading provider of high quality, innovative garments for Private Brands


Today, BWA is a third-generation family-owned apparel company working with retailers such as Dillard’s, L.L. Bean, Timberland and The North Face. While our history is rooted in luxury woven European fabrics and fine apparel, we have grown to become a leading provider of high quality, innovative garments for Private Brands. BWA maintains strong partnerships with fabric mills in Europe, China, South Korea, Taiwan, and Central America insuring access to the world’s finest fabrics at competitive costs. BWA strengths in textile and garment design and our flexible manufacturing structure allow us to meet the unique needs of our clients and their customers.

BWA moved its operations to the DR-CAFTA region to take advantage of the duty free trade agreement. Any woven or knit fabric that is produced either in the United States or a DR-CAFTA country can be used to make apparel for duty-free import into the U.S. BWA also leverages the extensive array of fabrics on the DR-CAFTA Short Supply list for duty-free import into the U.S. To date, BWA has successfully petitioned over 25 of the 100+ woven fabrics classified as Short Supply, and the vast majority of BWA’s exports from Nicaragua enter the United States duty free. Garments are shipped Free on Board (FOB) from Nicaragua or Landed-Duty Price (LDP) from our public warehouse in Miami, Fl.

With only four days transit time for BWA’s finished goods to reach Miami by boat, BWA’s export lead time represents one of the quickest and most flexible in the apparel industry today.

BWA is the premier Central American manufacturer of woven & knit tops, and sleepwear for privately branded apparel in the United States.