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Nicaragua Specs

Manufacturing Facilities

Woven Capacity – 100,000 units per week

Knit Capacity – 150,000 units per week

Employees – 1,800 total


BWA expanded its operations to Nicaragua in 2017 to take advantage of the duty-free opportunities presented by DR-CAFTA. Any woven or knit fabric that is produced either in the United States or a DR-CAFTA country can be used to make apparel for duty-free import into the U.S. BWA also leverages the extensive array of fabrics on the DR-CAFTA Short Supply list for duty-free import into the U.S. To date, BWA has successfully petitioned over 25 of the 100+ woven fabrics classified as Short Supply, and the vast majority of BWA’s exports from Nicaragua enter the United States duty free. Garments are shipped Free on Board (FOB) from Nicaragua or Landed-Duty Price (LDP) from our public warehouse in Miami, Fl. With only four days transit time for BWA’s finished goods to reach Miami by boat, BWA’s lead time represents one of the quickest and most flexible in the apparel industry today.

Category Production Capabilities

Our manufacturing facility near Managua, employs over 1,800 people and produces more than 300,000 high quality garments each month in Men’s, Women’s & Children’s shirts, including woven sport shirts, dress shirts, performance knit polos and t shirts.  The facility utilizes modular production sewing sections with in-process QC personnel and section supervisors.

Quality Control and Cutting

Quality control inspections are performed on all incoming raw materials using our internal customized quality requirements, that meet and exceed industry standards.  Spreading and cutting of fabric is done with the latest techniques to insure that all specifications are met in quality, fit, appearance and customer satisfaction. Garments must meet all in-line quality inspection standards as well as final inspection.