Social Responsibility

Social Compliance is BWA’s highest priority. Our clients demand the strictest product quality and consistency, and by ensuring the health and well being of our employees, BWA can guarantee both. Our factories pass the most rigorous compliance standards set by many U.S. retailers, often cited by our clients as being one of their highest rated vendors.

Our most valuable assets are our human resources, and we hold their health, quality of life, and safety in the absolute highest regard. Our management team is fully committed to upholding our strict social compliance philosophy and continuously invests both time and energy into improving the safety and well being of our workforce. Our entire manufacturing team and their families receive free medical care at our factory clinic, and, while parents work, children can study and play in an enclosed and fully-staffed daycare center and school. Our educational facilities are not only open to all employees, but are also free of charge to the entire community. Currently there are more than 500 children studying in our classrooms.

Some social compliance programs currently in place at Picacho include:

Health Care

All employees at Picacho and their families receive free medical attention at the on site clinic. The clinic is staffed full-time by a registered internist/ gynecologist, nurse, and secretary. Patients with illnesses that are deemed too serious to be treated at the clinic are referred to the Salvadorean Social Security Program, which has many hospitals throughout the country.


Picacho’s cafeteria services are provided to all employees. Employees are free to choose from a broad selection of items. In order to maintain a high quality level of food, Picacho subsidizes all prices. The cafeteria can accommodate up to 300 people per shift in a clean and relaxing environment.

Sports Programs & Facilities

Our recreation activities provide abundant opportunities for sports and social interaction between the workforce and the management of our company. Throughout the year Picacho sponsors many intramural and intra-company events. The facilities at Picacho include a volleyball court, a basketball court, a soccer field and a softball field.